Once upon a time there was a young boy from a small country named Bulgaria. Fate pushed him into the abyss of musical creativity. Without any idea of the musical norms and rules, he discovered one of the most important things – the language of his soul. By this language he expressed his emotions and accumulated energy derived from the universal force. Influenced by the melodic trance vibrations from the 90s, the boy started slowly and gradually to delve into this movement, to examine the rules of life and creativity and to improve his knowledge and skills. But the more he understood the rules of electronic music and sound, the more confused he was becoming, which led to him to a crossroad. He had to make a choice – either follow his own language or dive into a world of rules and requirements.

He saw how music has changed over the years – the positive and melodic vibrations transformed into powerful, gray and busy rhythms. The music evolved along with people and their lifestyle. After years of research and experimenting, the boy found peace within himself. Knowledge helped him expand his ways of expression and to recreate the voice of his soul in various ways. This sparked a desire to share what he does. Creativity is from all and for all. Strongly influenced by the vibrations of a bygone era, listening to his inner voice, he continues to create and seek to deliver energy, experience and a little magic to every seeker… His name is Psystein!